the permian's preferred mineral buyer

Our Mission

Shale Energy, LLC is a professional Oil and Gas acquisitions firm currently focused on purchasing Oil and Gas minerals in the Permian Basin of West Texas. Shale Energy is privately funded with a long term investment objective. This long term strategy gives Shale the ability to make aggressive offers throughout the Permian Basin. With over 400 deals closed and 150 million dollars in acquisitions to date, Shale has the experience and resources to pay you top dollar for your minerals with a quick closing.

Our Process


Call 1 (214) 935-5979




Once we have your information we will review your asset and provide you with the most aggressive offer we can.. Within 24 hours in most cases.


After finalizing a purchase agreement Shale will start its due diligence and move toward closing. Our average deal closes in about 10 business days and we can make payment via wire transfer or check.